Saturday, November 6, 2010

Studying Japanese and New Job!

So, here I am at home, studying Japanese for my written exam on Wednesday.
At the moment I'm trawling youtube for helpful songs to help me remember things, lol.
So far I've found a "days of the month song" for the "nichi" exceptions (1-10, 14, 20, 24) and a te form song, courtesy of Miss Hannah Minx. Both are very useful, and I am feeling more confident about this part of the exam now!
At 11, I'll be writing out kanji flashcards for myself. I hope I havent forgotten any!
Today I have work from 3-11pm at Dome, who were mean again and only gave me one shift this week.
But earlier this week I got a job at Exotic Body Piercing, as a receptionist. I've done 2 days of training so far, and will be working after November 16th (my last exam)
The problem is that my parents think it will look bad on my resume to have quit Dome for a body piercing place. Because body piercing has the reputation of being "dirty" and "boggy" like tattoos (which, of course, 90% of places are not) my parents think I am "chipping away at my future."
I just dont think I'll have time this summer to do all this! First off I have to finish my thesis costume by January 29th, I have to work 3 or 4 days a week at Exotics, 2 or 3 at Dome, go to roller derby training and lets not forget have a fun holiday!

I really just want to work somewhere where I'll learn something, until I study abroad in Japan, which will be about a year from now. After that, hopefully I can get a job teaching Japanese at schools, or teaching English in Japan as part of the JET program.
As much as I reitterate my goals to my parents they want me to be doing something NOW to forward my career. I need money, and then I can go to TAFE or something to do Japanese programs or teaching courses. I have goals and ambitions! I will achieve them!!! ^_^

... I hope.


Miss Emmi said...

I don't know what 'Dome' is, but you can still get valuable experience from working at a body piercing place as a receptionist. One thing I do with my resume is list the personal and professional skills that I learned from each of the jobs I've been at - so even if it was just a crappy retail job, I talk about what I learned about customer service, organizational skills, etc. If you make it clear what benefits a job like that has to offer, the kind of business that you worked at won't matter so much. Formatting a resume like that is especially good for young'uns like us who may not have a great deal of work experience in a professional setting, so have to really highlight the skills that we do have.

Good luck with your exam!