Friday, June 17, 2011


Sometimes you have to get up and make a fuss when something unjust is done. However, there are times when things happen which you have no control over, and you can do nothing about. Sometimes there are risks involved with trying to get the right thing done. There is a situation at the moment that I could be punished for even illuding to it here. As my blog is a public forum, if anyone who reads it from this organisation is offended, I could have a similar punishment dealt to me as has been done to another member.
However, as the constiution states that it must be reasonable that somebody is offended by my comments, I will not name names or point fingers.
It is not the fact that someone has been punished for breaking rules they didnt break, or that the punishment was made up and not anywhere in the constitution. The MAIN problem I have is that the procedures put in place to resolve issues like this were bipassed, and resulted in a severe punishment after only hearing one side of the story and that the league voted that this was okay, which sets a precedent for the future.
So now I am worried. My good friend is suffering, which breaks my heart, and makes me want to yell and scream and stamp my feet to get my point across. But then I think, what will happen to me? I am not a very important member, as in, I am only on one minor committee, I am not a star player, and my professional skills are never utilised. So who would care if something happened to me?
My friend (the one who is being punished) has spoken to me about her theory that it is two people in power who do not like her, for one reason or another, and have swayed others to paint her in a bad light. She has come to me on more than one occassion in tears because she found out someone she thought of as a friend hated her, and thought she was a bad person. I don't know why these two in power don't like her, perhaps she rubbed them the wrong way, but that does not give anyone the right to bipass rules and punish someone unjustly!
At the meeting, a member said that this desision had been made to protect all of the members, and we have to support our desision makers. I do not agree. How does setting a precedent for unjust and unlawful (according to their own constitution) punishment protect anyone?
Their claim is that my friend made statements that illuded to the league or it's members in a negetive, and offensive way, and they recieved several complaints. They had a responsibility to act on these claims and punish. But no, they didn't! If they had recieved complaints, the process which is in place states that the complainants should seek a grievance councillor, who will talk through and rectify the problem.
I know that many of these comments were not about the league or it's members. One of the people in charge stated that all the comments were made in response to emails and communications between them. But no! I was there when she wrote many messages, and on one occassion had just had a conversation about how Burlesque had just become the new "acceptable alternative" (you know, I do Burlesque oh-ho-ho aren't I soooooo cool.) and how lame it was that something so good was being tainted by untalented people. And about how her performances (fire breathing, angle grinding) were not in demand. There was NOTHING in or around that comment about ANY member of the league in question! Sure, the sentance before that commented on how much she missed attending training. But how is that negetive at all? One of the members tried to make it out that when she refered to "Fringe people" she was talking about the members, but no, she was talking about the organisers of the Fringe Festival not accepting her!
I went a bit off track there, but my point is that all these comments were taken out of context, proper procedure was not followed and now people are afraid to update their facebook.
In fact, I am sure that myself and one other member are going to have similar events happen to us because these two in power hate us as well, or even just hate us by association.
It's bullshit and it's corrupt and it's illegal.
Please lend your support.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why I hate myself and why it's retarded

Okay, so I hate myself. I really do. And it's not that strange, really. I mean, how many women really like themselves? I bet you can't honnestly say that you do. But it's all for retarded, stupid reasons. And now I'm going to list them for some sort of theraputic reasons.

- I think I'm fat and hate myself for it.
Now, I anm 164cm tall and weigh 68kg. So I am technically overweight. Wow, even writing that makes me feel awful. I have no issue seeing the numbers or anything, I remember when I used to see 48kg. Every time I go out I look at photos and want to cry. I feel like my life is shit and everything is going wrong because I'm so useless I can't even be a decent weight. It should be one of the easiest things to do and I cant even do that. What a retard.
But I know it's not true. My insecurities stem from my mum. I was happy and confident (and 56kg) until my mum decided that "she needed to tell me the truth" because I was "packing on the weight" and started beratting me daily about what I eat, how much, poking my thighs, my butt, my stomach. And all that did was make me feel worse about myself and make me want to hide away. And I gained 10kg. SO pretty sure that backfired.
But it's not my mum's fault, it's my own fault for letting her get to me. I could have ignored her, I could have eaten well despite but no, I don't have that control over myself. And I hate myself for that.

- Nobody takes me seriously.
Because I'm a woman, and I'm not hot. And I don't have a decent degree.
See above. If I was skinnier, I feel like people would take me seriously. I feel like nobody likes me because they see that I have no control over myself, because I'm fat.


- I feel like a failure at life (and I'm only 21)
I feel like every choice I've ever made has been wrong. I feel like I went to the wrong high school, made the wrong friends, had the wrong study habits, had the wrong hobbies, picked the wrong upper school subjects, went to the wrong uni, did the wrong course and now I'm somebody I never wanted to be and it';s all my fault. All my life goals? Out the window. I'll never achieve them. And it's my fault. It's all my fault.

*double sigh*

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bullying. It's fucking lame.

So here comes a full frontal attack on bullying. Without naming names, (because that will get me in trouble, because I'm not allowed to say negetive things about particular things because I could get an official warning. Which in itself is retarded, but anyway.) I am now going to vent and rant and rave about the craptacular thing which is bullying by adult women.


Women suck. I have known this for a looong time, and that is why most of my friends are guys. Guys say what they mean how they mean it and are not afraid to stand by it. And if you don't like it, you can say something to them and they'll stick by their word. Even if they admit they were wrong to have said it, they'll never deny saying it.

Women on the other hand say what they don't mean, say things they shouldn't, deny they said things, manipulate, bully and make people feel socially outcast. They do it in high school: create a group with similar likes, fashion styles and hobbies and pretty soon everyone else is on the out. It is also ingrained in women from a very young age that to be accepted by other women is most important. But that's a whole other issue.

When I did dance as a teenager, I was on the out. I only did four classes a week so I wasn't "in" with all the other girls who did six, seven, eight, twenty classes a week. I had also come in at 12 so wasn't in with the ones who had started when they were two. I was also not tanned and blonde, I didnt go to parties (I wasn't invited anyway) and didnt teach kiddie classes. But, when I was 16 I got put in the front row. Suddenly I was popular, people wanted to be my friend, I got invited to the parties, and it was all because I was put in a position they envied.


Anyways, women are weird and I don't always understand why they do what they do. But sports are meant to be fun and inclusive, especially ones where there's no bog trophy at the end. But there's always someone who is a complete and utter twat and makes people feel uncomfortable in their presence. When my brother played football he was told he needed to "get his priorities right" by the coach. That is, skip uni classes to attend trainings. When he didn't do that, he was dropped. It always seems to be people in power who feel the need to flex their biceps and push people around.

I don't know if that feels good or something, but it's pretty shit for everyone on the recieving end.
In a round about way, I'm trying to say that there is a woman at the moment who is being an asshat. She is negetive, rude and snarky, says things she shouldn't say and won't admit when she is wrong. She is on a complete power trip and more than once I have had to move away from her because I have felt uncomfortable about the things she has said. Two of my closest friends have had major issues with her and have both left. Not only do I now feel alone, but vulnerable. Both of my friends have raised concerns through proper procedure and both of their claims have been dismissed and denied by this woman. So, they left. I am at the moment feeling like I don't want to go to places where she is because I don't feel happy at all and I'm not having fun.
To be honnest, it feels like high school, where some Queen Bee makes everyone else feel like shit all the time whether she means to or not. And so what can we plebs do? Either quit school, change schools or put up with it.

The question now is what am I going to do.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Piercings which are so stupid, it's bad for your health.

Now, we all know I work at a piercing place, so I know a thing or two about piercings. For instance, what will reject. All of the piercings I am listing here will either 100% of the time reject, cause you pain and generally not work (and therefore be a waste of money) OR they are just plain dangerous. It's all PG rated, so no rude bits here.

First off, finger and hand piercings.
Why are they such a bad idea? well, what do you use your hands for? Everything. picking up things, writing, washing dishes, driving, EVERYTHING! And what should you not do with a piercing? Touch it or knock it. These piercings are destined to fail from the beginning. It is an awful idea to get them, and if you do get them, you will be wasting your money and your time.
of course, they can heal up and be fine, in theory. That is, if you never use your hand for anything again for the rest of your life. But most people need to use their hands to, well, live.

Next: foot and ankle piercings.
Foot piercings. Again. friction = piercing death. and what do you use your feet for? walking. and wearing shoes. If you got these piercings you would NEVER BE ABLE TO WEAR SHOES AGAIN. apart from flip-flops, and i dont think your workplace would like that.

The above goes for surface piercings in other areas too. Think about it- if you have a bra strap/ belt/shoe/handbag/ANYTHING that rubs on the same area, DONT GET IT PIERCED!

Now, my boss has informed me that this piercing is entirely possible, and it does heal quite well. HOWEVER. It is quite difficult to do (because of the fiddly nature of getting the tools and needle into your throat) and if done wrong can cause MASSIVE damage, so much so that you could have problems eating for the rest of your life. So, in short, dont bother. Plus, NOBODY can see it unless you do what the person in this photo is doing.

Eyelid piercings:
You can go blind. And not from the piercing needle, oh no. From blinking. You can go blind. And if not blind, irreparable damage can be done to your eye. Its your EYE. seriously. Stupidest Idea Ever. My boss refuses to do them because they are so freaking dangerous.

In addition to this, when you get your piercing make sure you CLEAN IT PROPERLY AND REGULARLY. If your piercing gets infected it can cause major health problems. Piercings can reject without being infected and yes, sometimes piercings take longer than 8 weeks to heal. They are not infected. A small lump is not an infection. If you have any issues or queries about your piercing PLEASE go to your piercer.

A piercing which bleeds constantly, leaks a custardy liquid either yellow or green COULD BE infected. If you think your piercing may be infected please GO BACK TO YOUR PIERCER. Because they know piercings better than a doctor. Doctors will tell you to take out your piercing even if you don't need to. If your piercer says to go to a doctor DO IT RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Waicon 2011

I won best newcomer for saturdays comp. with my Samus Aran suit, which I made for my thesis. Here's some pics:

Guess who rocks? Me!

So now I am planning for Supanova in June and Waicon 2012. So far I have the idea of doing Cassandra from Soul Calibur IV in a group, as well as Samus' Zero suit at Supanova, and Witchblade at Waicon 2012. Some serious effort going into all of these! Haha. Just have to email Waicon and ask if Witchblade is inappropriate. :P

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Being a bitch

Heres one way to be a mega huge bitch: use the internet. Specifically, talk smack about people you don't even know and think they wont see it. And when they do see it, backtrack so fast you're almost falling over yourself and your pompous attitude.

Another mistake to make? Being bitches to people who you dont know while having all your information on the internet for them to find. Sure all your twitters, livejournals etc are "friends only" and "private", but I know your real name, your age, where you went to school and where you work. And considering you don't know me at all, thats a very dangerous game to play, darling.

And because you don't know me, I could pretend to be somebody else entirely and very easily gain access to your journals and posts. Or, if you were smart, you would google me the way I googled you. But I'm a little bit harder to find. I don't put my real name next to my alias, because I'm not that stupid.

I'm sorry, but if I've met you, and I know you, and you have a problem with me, you can talk all the shit about me you like. Because then thats your opinion of me, as a person, who you know. I might call you out on it, but at least have the balls to stand by your opinion. I respect that in a person, the balls to say what they think and defend it. But if you've said one sentance to me EVER, and met me for less than 5 minutes? Then that's just plain fucking rude bullshit. And I don't like it at all. So, bitch, we're never going to be friends and we're never going to get along. Because you are the kind of person I really really really don't like. A self-important drama-llama.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random Outfit Post

So, I've decided I want to do outfit posts, so you can see how cool I am (after all, isn't that the point of them?)

I thought perhaps one a week would suffice, one a day is first off, too self indulgent (lol) and more importantly too much effort.

So, here's my cruddy photo and rundown of my awesome outfit from Tuesday.

Phone cameras for the lose.

Dress: op shop'd, Belt: came with another dress, Shoes: spotsgirl.

Monday, January 17, 2011

How Young is Too Young?

This video has shocked me, and others. It is of a five year old girl being forced to have her eyebrows waxed for a toddler beauty pageant.

This got me thinking, how young is too young to start waxing, dying, primping and preening? 5 is definitely too young and, for the record, i think beauty pageants for children are just plain disturbing. Pedo central.

I remember when I was in primary school (for the record, about the year 2000) and I was 11. Most of the girls in my year was dying their hair, getting top-of-the-ear piercings, nose piercings, and going to friday night discos. No exaggeration. I was one of the unlucky ones who were not allowed to do any of these things, and were then outcast from the social group. This was ten years ago now, I wonder what it's like for girls these days.

Of course it will differ from school to school, but it was at 11 that I was expected, socially, to be growing up and dating boys. I still had no interest in boys at this point! I just wanted my friends to like me. I didn't have the cool clothes, hairstyles, anything like the "popular" girls. It seemed I was lumped in the group with the people who were too fat or dumb (no offense to them, but that was the group they were in.) to be invited to the cool things. I was invited at first but, not being allowed to go, stopped being invited. In a year group of 58 people, that's a big deal.

I was not allowed to shave my legs or pluck my eyebrows then either. But in the first year of high school (the first week, actually.) I had the unfortunate experience of being called a "hairy gorilla" by some girls who then threw fruit at me. This resulted in me sneaking around my house trying to shave without my parents knowing. I felt that, because I wasn't allowed, I was somehow going against them by doing this.

Thinking about it now, I have received a lot of critisism for my appearance before I entered into plucking, dying and shaving. In fact, I have a distinct memory of being told my hair was "brown with a dirty grey shine" and looked "like poo". This is probably the reason I have such ridiculously unnatural coloured hair now.

The pressure on girls and young women to conform is enormous. I, for one, have never had a bikini wax, mainly because my mum wouldn't take me as a teenager (and I never asked), so I learnt to take care of it myself, and still do. I remember at my dance school a girl at 12 had been taken for a bikini wax and tan by her mum in preparation for summer. Her mum said to mine "I just dont want her to be embarrassed." Really, what was there to be embarrassed OF? She's 12 for crying out loud! I don't know, I guess being bought up the way I have makes me think things like that are crazy. But then again, if she had asked her mum and her mum had said no, she would have spent the whole summer being ashamed of herself. Low self esteem is the biggest problem amongst girls and young women... it's such a delicate balance that it's hard to say what's wrong and what's right sometimes. I guess it all depends on you.

Then again, there's pressure as an adult too. Last week I had let my legs grow hairy because I was busy and hadn't had time to do anything about it, and my mother turned to me and said "have you no shame? Do you hate yourself that much that you want people laughing at you?" I thought that was a bit harsh but it's true: if you don't constantly conform to society's idea of how you should look, you are ridiculed for it.

The world is a harsh place. Sometimes, I don't like it at all.