Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So, yesterday I returned from the Great Southern Slam: the first ever national roller derby tournament held in Australia! There were 15 competing teams from around Australia and New Zealand, and I went to represent Perth.

It was heaps of fun, although a bit painful (I came out with a pinched nerve, some nasty bruises and a whole lot of sore muscles!) I enjoyed every second of it. I learnt so much from playing other leagues, as well as watching the better teams play. Overall, out of the 15 teams, Perth ranked 6th, behinds Victoria, Sun State, Adelaide, Pirate City and Geelong/Ballerat, all of whom have buckets more experience than us. So, we feel very proud of ourselves.

In our pool was Geelong/Ballerat and Potluck (a team made from WFTDA accredited skaters from various leagues who did not make it into their main team.) We lost to Geelong/Ballerat, then beat Potluck, and got through to the quarter finals on point differencial, where we were defeated by Pirate City.

I got heaps of video and some pictures (but I lost my photo-camera O.o) so soon I will have edited the footage together into some sort of highlights clip, which I will share with you. For now, here's some pictures of my team that I've gathered from Facebook and Flickr. All rights to the owners.

Our Bench

Hot Wheels braving the Pirate City blockers

Vs. the Mulrats (Thats me on the left in the blue dress!)

Hot Wheels taking on a Geelong/Ballerat blocker

Miss Erotica Deville taking her position in the pack