Friday, April 16, 2010


So today I am heading out to a tea party in Kings park with one of my friends and her other friends. It's themed, so it's a dress up as Steampunk tea party. I've never done steampunk, so I hope I've done it okay.

Dad told me a few weeks ago that Mum is really upset because she feels like she has failed as a parent. Now, this is probably my fault for having an emotional breakdown after I realised I was wasting my life away in a degree that won't get me anywhere. I've had a few of these breakdowns, but one was during a conversation with Mum.

Just now she asked me: "Do you dress up stupid and go and illicit attention in public because I was such a bad parent?" before storming off. First off, I enjoy dressing up because it's fun. I like costumes and fashion and putting things together and wearing them. I am not attention seeking. It's just that dressing up is boring by yourself. I don't understand how dressing up with friends reflects badly on you as a parent? If you know what she means, please tell me. (I can't talk to her, she's locked in her room now. *sigh*)

Perhaps I am being immature and silly. Perhaps, now that I'm 21 and all grown up, I should act like an adult and wear nothing but jeans and tshirts all the time. But I think you get the same amount of attention no matter what you wear. People look at you because you're fat/thin, tall/short, pale/tanned, whatever. If people stare at me, I don't even notice, because I've been bought up not to care about that stuff. I'm just a little eccentric. Doesn't mean I'm a bad person... or that my parents are.

Maybe my Mum's just a bit of a narsisist. It worries me that she takes things such as me dressing up as a personal insult. Perhaps she is slightly mad? I don't know.

Anyways, Mum is mad at me so I better not let her see me for the next half hour before I leave. And I better find some sort of container to carry cupcakes in.
Photos posted later

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Irregular Choice is My Choice

Today my good friend Jude linked me to the most amazing website, with these great, individual shoes, that i just adore: Irregular Choice.

These are some of my favourites! They are reasonably priced, but not reasonably enough to warrent me going on a mad shopping spree. Sooo if anybody feels like giving me a belated 21st present, I would LOVE some of these. I'm a size 38 :P

Monday, April 12, 2010

10 week goal

So, in 10 weeks I am going on a European Holiday with my boyfriend. Lately, I have been feeling like I look very frumpy in photographs, and I want the photos from my holidays to be nice, because it will be a once in a lifetime kind of holiday. So, I am aiming to lose 10 kilos in 10 weeks by counting my calories and really putting in an effort at the gym.

Here's one of these photos which I saw and went "blergh!"

For the record, I am 162cm tall and weigh 65kg. I know that's not particually heavy, but I feel like I would feel better at 55kg, just because I am feeling unsexy in all my clothes, so I'm doing something about it!
So thats my aim! I am usual to count my calories. I'm only aloud to eat 1200 a day.

So today was day 1, and i've failed. I accidently converted my calories to kilojoules wrong and have eaten 1600 calories today instead of 1200. However, I didn't have a coke. Now that I know, I won't make the mistake again. Oh well! One day won't matter. Just try harder tomorrow! ^_^
Also, I have a pair of shorts

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour

So, I went to Lady Gaga's Concert the other night. I was amazed! If she hasn't come to your city yet you MUST go and see her! She has the most amazing outfits, the most enthralling show and, to top it all off, its edgy and confronting and not appropriate for children.
Anyways, I thought it was great, and so here's some pictures of what I wore. I was in the Mosh mind you, which is why I went with cons rather than heels, and shorts rather than a skirt.

I didnt realise what an unflattering angle that photo was at until now! Sucks having to take photos of yourself all the time, and not having a tripod.
I bought some great new stuff for the gaga concert: some black hair extentions (super fake OFC) and some pink glitter eyeshadow. Its really great, and it stays on really well! I bought it from Gloss Accessories for only $10, and it comes in heaps of different colours!