Sunday, February 6, 2011

Piercings which are so stupid, it's bad for your health.

Now, we all know I work at a piercing place, so I know a thing or two about piercings. For instance, what will reject. All of the piercings I am listing here will either 100% of the time reject, cause you pain and generally not work (and therefore be a waste of money) OR they are just plain dangerous. It's all PG rated, so no rude bits here.

First off, finger and hand piercings.
Why are they such a bad idea? well, what do you use your hands for? Everything. picking up things, writing, washing dishes, driving, EVERYTHING! And what should you not do with a piercing? Touch it or knock it. These piercings are destined to fail from the beginning. It is an awful idea to get them, and if you do get them, you will be wasting your money and your time.
of course, they can heal up and be fine, in theory. That is, if you never use your hand for anything again for the rest of your life. But most people need to use their hands to, well, live.

Next: foot and ankle piercings.
Foot piercings. Again. friction = piercing death. and what do you use your feet for? walking. and wearing shoes. If you got these piercings you would NEVER BE ABLE TO WEAR SHOES AGAIN. apart from flip-flops, and i dont think your workplace would like that.

The above goes for surface piercings in other areas too. Think about it- if you have a bra strap/ belt/shoe/handbag/ANYTHING that rubs on the same area, DONT GET IT PIERCED!

Now, my boss has informed me that this piercing is entirely possible, and it does heal quite well. HOWEVER. It is quite difficult to do (because of the fiddly nature of getting the tools and needle into your throat) and if done wrong can cause MASSIVE damage, so much so that you could have problems eating for the rest of your life. So, in short, dont bother. Plus, NOBODY can see it unless you do what the person in this photo is doing.

Eyelid piercings:
You can go blind. And not from the piercing needle, oh no. From blinking. You can go blind. And if not blind, irreparable damage can be done to your eye. Its your EYE. seriously. Stupidest Idea Ever. My boss refuses to do them because they are so freaking dangerous.

In addition to this, when you get your piercing make sure you CLEAN IT PROPERLY AND REGULARLY. If your piercing gets infected it can cause major health problems. Piercings can reject without being infected and yes, sometimes piercings take longer than 8 weeks to heal. They are not infected. A small lump is not an infection. If you have any issues or queries about your piercing PLEASE go to your piercer.

A piercing which bleeds constantly, leaks a custardy liquid either yellow or green COULD BE infected. If you think your piercing may be infected please GO BACK TO YOUR PIERCER. Because they know piercings better than a doctor. Doctors will tell you to take out your piercing even if you don't need to. If your piercer says to go to a doctor DO IT RIGHT THEN AND THERE.