Monday, October 4, 2010

having a good week :)

SO i'm having a pretty good week so far.
Yesterday I aced my Japanese test... although I think I might have forgotten to do a question in the homework :S Still, it's a good feeling to ace a test!
Then today I feel like I've achieved a lot. I got a clearance to skate in the bout (no contact for a week - damn sprained ankle!), then I filled by bodycast and finished fibreglassing the third cast of my shoulder. To top it off, my boots are ready to pick up! XD moving ahead, feeling good.
I had a massive sence of impending doom and failure last week, mainly driven by my work being a poo, and not giving me shifts, getting parking fines and generally stuff not going my way. But it looks like its turned around this week. So I'm going to ride the wave of happyness and productivity for as long as i can! :D
Do you have good weeks and bad weeks, where everything seems to go your way, or not?
Are you having a good week or bad week this week?