Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What I'm in to now.

Well, anyone who knows me knows I'm a crazy mad anime fan. They will also know, if they bothered to talk to me (and listen! lol) that I watch them in Japanese with English subtitles. I hope that this will help with my Japanese, if only to hear how it sounds... ^_^
At the moment I'm watching a few series: Initial D (First Stage) and Lucky Star. Initial D is a very boyish: its about drifting and being part of a drifting club. Its quite interesting though, how they develop characters and create conflict and love interests through such a repetitive medium.
Lucky Star is a bit random and funny: its about some high school girls and their every day goings on. But somehow, it's hilarious! They also do parodys of other animes, for instance Initial D. It had me in hysterics. Its more of a girly anime, but it's not a romance or anything: its more of a comedy.
So if you like anime, check them out. Also, what animes do you like?
My favourite that I've seen so far has to be Death Note.

Here's the theme song from Lucky Star: I cant get it out of my head! Its just so fun!!! ^_^