Sunday, May 16, 2010

Four reasons i love Japan

Japan, for me, is a magical world where all the things I love come together in the craziest way. I love the over the top fashion, the cute school uniforms, the music, the hairstyles and the food. But thanks to fuckyeahjapan I can bring you some images which illistrate how much I love Japan: where the eccentrics run free ^_^

This is the hairstyle I want: a perfect fringe with big, long, wavy hair which is somehow perfect...

Japan is where Rockstars can be tools and people love them more for it

Where normal girls rock the hottest fashion all the time

And of course there's ninjas.

I want to go to Japan so bad! I wish I was born there. I think I'd feel right at home browsing the crazy fashion and wearing petticoats and flase eyelashes every day. It's a wonderful place where you can be whatever you want to be. Also, I hear the sushi is pretty good.